February 07, 2011

Sequin Love

 This is  hanging in my dining room.  It looks amazing when the sun shines, shooting bursts of light all around my the room.  It makes the whole world sparkle.  It is definitely the show stopper in our apartment and I have had quite a number of requests to make more of them.   Although it is kind of a dream of mine to become known as the Michelangelo of sequins, I don't have the time to make another one just yet.   Instead, I thought I would share a little "how to" insight so you can make it yourself.

It was originally made to be used in a photo shoot and it was quite an ambitious undertaking.  We used approximately 10,000 pins and sequins.  It took nearly 36 hours of work time with a revolving team of people participating.  However, don't let that scare you.   It's super simple to make, the hardest part is planning your design and grid ahead of time.  After that it's surprisingly soothing to zen out and stick sequins into a board.  This is my first (of hopefully many) DIY posts, so please feel free to ask questions and/or leave a comment with suggestions.

Check out the quick timelapse movie of the process:


  1. JING17:29

    so THAT'S how you make that sparkletanous masterpiece!

    i love it! especially the tips. and i like the simplicity of it all. being a non-artist, i did have some clarification questions. for example, on step 2, does that mean that i should draw a grid on the foam core so it kind of looks like graph paper afterwards? do i use a pencil to draw the lines?

    the photos are great. omg and i just saw the video! i love it!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Yes on step 2 you should draw a grid so it looks like graph paper, this helps you keep everything straight and in order. Pencil works well on black foam core and it gets covered up by the sequins.

  3. This is spectacular!! Do you mind if I do a post about your creation on my blog? I'm kinda addicted to sequins!

  4. Please spread the sequin joy around the world ; )
    Just make sure you link back to the original post.

  5. LOVE this DIY. Your are a quite talented and patient lady!

  6. Thanks Victoria, it just takes time, but it's surprisingly fun and easy. (and I did have a little help)

  7. may i know what kind of pins these are ?? what is it that you call them ???

  8. They are called dressmaker pins or satin pins. The length doesn't matter as much as the head size of the pin. You just have to make sure that you buy pins with a wide head so that the sequins don't slip off (I learned this the hard way half way through the project)