March 07, 2011

Cake Pop Update; Because I know you were wondering!

Despite the initial debacle with the Cake Pop disaster I persevered and tried another batch.  It was a friend's birthday party and I wasn't giving up this time.  He's a friend with an odd sense of humor which happened to match my baking (or lack thereof) skills perfectly.  And so I created Cthulhu Cake pops!
So they kind of looked weird and disgusting with tentacles and a green uneven texture -- but fortunately that's how Cthulhu looks.  And those who were brave enough to try them will attest to the fact that they tasted pretty darn delicious.  

I also made a little display of simple round cake pops in milk chocolate coating and colorful sprinkles.  These were an instant hit (the ones that made it to the party ahem ahem ... i had to taste a few myself first!)
Final Assessment: Cake Pops are great --- just keep it simple for your first time out.  You can't go wrong with chocolate and sprinkles.  For an easy DIY tutorial check out this one from Roxy Cakes.


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