March 10, 2011

Why I hate Living in LA (or is that just what we want you to think)

-- "There are no seasons, therefor you don't appreciate the weather"

That is the number one justification that I hear ALL THE TIME from New Yorkers when they talk about why they wouldn't like to live in LA. Well, let me tell you something.  There are seasons (warm, a little warmer, chilly and pleasantly warm).  We even get rain here and there.  Just because the majority of the time it's gorgeous here in Southern California I still totally appreciate it when we get a perfect day.....  like today, for instance:  
 80 degrees F (27 Celsius) and not a cloud in the sky
In fact, I've been appreciating the weather this week so much that I've been too busy hiking, biking and participating in assorted other outdoor activities I seem to have neglected my printing.

So the blog post that I had planned for today featuring all my exciting new prints is not going to happen. But I can share with you pictures from my glorious hike yesterday.
view of downtown LA from Culver City (yes those are snow capped mountains in the background)
and maybe I can give you a little sneak preview of the screen for one of the new designs about to be released

Maybe it will rain this weekend and I can get some work done to have something more exciting to post on Monday.   And, it's okay if all you cynics  stay away from L.A.  "because the weather is too nice all the time".  It just means the hiking trails will be less crowded for me!

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  1. Rachel18:10

    yes. now I'm a tad jealous. I could deal with the lack of seasons if I never had to shovel snow again.

    Very excited to see the new prints. It looks adorable.