March 17, 2011

Skårt featured in Fox's newest sitcom's Nursery

I Just found out that Skårt has been on TV again.
Check it out in a screen shot from the Fox Show Traffic Light (Tuesday' at 9:30pm)
I accidentally happened upon this fact through a new brilliant blog I read called Buy Modern Baby.  As the name suggests it's a great resource for all things modern for the little ones. She does a great feature where she examines nurseries designed for TV and  researches what the products are and where to find them.  Like this Nursery from Gossip Girl and this one from Traffic Light which is how I stumbled on to my artwork on the wall.

She also ahem ahem happened to do a great feature on me this week.  Check it

Oh and while we are on the subject of TV nurseries, I just realized I never posted the pictures of Skårt which was featured in a Nursery on How I Met Your Mother.
.......Better late than never: