March 28, 2011

My Sparkletaneous Kit

My agent calls me on Wednesday: "Your ticket is confirmed, you fly to Bangkok on Friday"

me: "wha????"

Thailand? in two days? Really? No joke?

I had no idea that when I chose my word for the year what it would really mean.

I chose the word, "sparkletanous" because my life can be chaotic.  In my line of work I have to be ready at a moments notice for anything.   It's really hard to plan anything because I often have to cancel if a job pops up.   Last year I began to get annoyed that I couldn't commit to plans, that my career path kept me on a constant roller coaster of work and waiting for work to come.  My mom even had to cancel a trip to visit me in LA because the week she planned to come I got sent to do a job in New York.  

This year I chose the word, "spontaneous" to remind myself to embrace the surprise.  I gave myself permission  to avoid planning too much and to say yes to new opportunities.  The "sparkle" in sparkletaneous comes in the details.

So, as I blog this post from my hotel room in Bangkok, I would like to share with you one of those details:  My Sparkletaneous kit.  It's a little bag which I keep packed and organized.  This bag keeps all my travel necessities in one place and allows me to be ready to go anywhere at a moments notice.


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