September 26, 2011

Finding a chair for the nursery - Will we ever get to sit in it?

If you remember back weeks months ago we were on the hunt for the perfect chair for the Nursery.  And after testing out pretty much every chair in Los Angeles I came upon the most hideously comfortable chair in a thrift shop.  For $20.00 it was mine.  And when I say hideously comfortable I mean exactly that.  The chair needs a major face lift but every person who sits in it agrees that it is soooooo extraordinarily comfortable. I have never had to reupholster  anything before (well not anything permanently -- lots of fake upholstering for sets) so I shopped around a bit and got a few quotes.  I ended up leaving it with a woman who owns a thrift shop down the street and is constantly reupholstering vintage furniture for her shop.  I figured she would know if old furniture could be salvaged.   She seemed to think it was worth the effort so I confidently went off to find fabric.

This was 9 days ago ...

The chair was supposed to be ready on Friday but I guess they had to replace a mechanism on the bottom.  Now "maybe" it will be ready Wednesday.  I'm starting to worry.  How will the chair look? Will we ever see it again? Will it be as comfy with it's new look?

In the meantime... while we wait... I figure I would share with you my sketches and final four fabric choices (although the fabric has been picked I will leave the choice for a surprise in the reveal)


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