September 07, 2011

Recipe for how to Effectively Destroy an Otherwise Perfectly Useful Oriental Rug

Ingredients called for:

1 (one) Oriental Rug

1 (one) Healthy Measure of Tropical Meteorological Event

1 (one) Dog

First, take your solid measure of a tropical meteorological event (in this case, the so-called Hurricane Irene) and then add your dog to this mixture. The type of dog which can be used may vary, but for the best results, a member of an historically stubborn and/or temperamental breed will best suffice. The rug called for can be any sort of area rug, although if a more “dramatic” outcome is desired, an expensive rug would prove to be the most successful.

With your tropical weather event in hand, take your temperamental canine that refuses to relieve himself (or herself—gender makes little difference) out of doors in any manner of precipitation, and then add this animal to any domicile in which the rug might comfortably lie.

Then wait.

Eventually and, as has been stated above, dramatically, the recipe will begin to take shape, typically in at least one of several different manifestations.

All recipe results should be expected to culminate differently, as variables differ within each laboratory, but the end results should be almost always nearly the same: surprise, excitement, and then vocal exclamations. This is a simple recipe, for certain, but it is also a reliably effective one for almost any event.



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