September 06, 2011

A Sunshine Shower

Believe it or not, I've only ever been to one other baby shower.  So when I offered to help with Sunshine's shower I didn't really know what I was getting into.  Somehow the idea to do a Rain shower themed shower for a girl named Sunshine seemed appropriate.  Everyone was assigned a task: Invitations, food, activities, gift bags etc  and my role, naturally, was taking charge of the decor.   We had an amazing host offer up her apartment and front courtyard and  I set the tone with a blue and yellow color palette and the loose theme of a "sunshine shower" and the rest seemed to fall into place.  

The invitation, designed by Angela, was beyond adorable.  Who wouldn't wanted to go to a party if you receive that in the mail? mmmmm lemon drops!!!! 

The food was delicious and beautiful at the same time.  Fresh lemonade, a smorgasbord of healthy salad options and a bunch of sweets and...  of course, cupcakes.  My favs were the Blue Velvet mini cupcakes from Sweet E's on Robertson.

The gift bags were little makeup bags (that said "sunshine cutie") filled with Sunshine's favorite candies and 5 adorable postcards done by the same person who did the invite.

The Activity was brilliant.  No silly games.  Instead, we all got a chance to decorate a onesie for the baby.  The girls in charge of the activity had prepped a bunch of cute fabric with an iron-on adhesive and we just had to cut out a patten (they had stencils for those who needed) and iron on to the fabric.  Easy and fun.
The decor I kept simple.  We had the party in the garden and so to add to the mood (and to offer a little shade), I bought 5 blue umbrellas and strung them up over the top of of the second floor balcony.  Super simple but big impact.  An eclectic mix of chairs with color coordinated pillows, some flowers, a few well placed balloons for a pop of color and a sprinkling of rubber duckies to bring in the cute factor and Voila a Sunshine Shower.  


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