January 13, 2012

4 on Friday: Goals for 2012

Now that we've done our word necklaces for the year, it's time to set the goals.  I usually do a set of business and a set of personal.  Some fun, some serious but I try to make them all actionable and attainable.

 My Skårt Goals
1.  Figure out Twitter  -- I am now @theskartist --- I'm giving myself the year to figure it out and understand it.  Oh My Handmade Goodness just timed the perfect post about it, which helped me a lot. 
2. More Stores -- Last year I made my goal 10 stores.  That was too ambitious, or maybe I didn't focus enough on that aspect.  As of now my art is in two stores.  This years goal is for 4 stores.  I've decided to grow exponentially.
3. Do a Show -- The Toronto One of a Kind show was a lot of fun to do.  I didn't do a show in 2011 and I kind of missed it.  It's a great way to meet people, here and exchange ideas and also expose yourself to new clients (and maybe store owners to help achieve goal #3)
4. Refine my blogging techniques -- Last year I made it my goal to blog twice a week.  I ended up really enjoying blogging and sometimes I will blog as much as 4 or 5 times a week.  So now that I have the frequency down, I think I need to refine my content.  I have lots to share this year.  I also want to delve deeper into the blogging community.  Connect with more bloggers and maybe try out a few guest posts?  

 Personal Goals
1. Eat a Salad a Day -- I kind of said this as a joke on New Year's Eve, when we were trying to think of goals.  But you know what? It has been 13 days and I have had a Salad each and everyone one of those days.  Now I'm committed to trying.  (and we decided that Potato salad DOES count!)
2. Learn to Moon Walk --  It's a skill everyone should have. 
3. Put more intent into the way I look and dress -- This year I'm going to try and wear make up!!! (and maybe do my hair once in a while)
4. Go on an active holiday -- Whether it's a bike tour, paddle trip or a backyard backpacking hike -- I want to do an active vacation this year.
image source: moneysavingmom.com

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  1. Great goals. I'm trying to figure out twitter too!