January 25, 2012

One Final Post on the R.P.'s Racist Dog

            My dog, let’s call him “Tedward E. Edwards,” has recently taken his intolerance to new heights.  Lately, he has chosen to stand on a storage block in his sister’s (my daughter’s) room, look out the window at the street below, and growl at anyone (dogs and people) he finds unsavory.  Frankly, I must admit, when he does this, I think that it’s funny and a little cute (or cute and a little funny, I haven’t decided yet), as he stands there with his hands (front feet) on the window sill, fogging up a quarter-sized spot on the window with his snout (nose), tracking people (dogs and people) back and forth as they walk on the sidewalk, going about their business, all the while having nary a notion that there’s a well-bred Welsh Terrier up on the third floor hating them.  When he first started doing this, he would occasionally bark at people (dogs and people) he felt an exceptional distaste for, but when I threatened to take his window privileges away if he continued barking, he contented himself with just growling instead.  At this distance, one would have to assume that a growl is sufficient. 


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