January 12, 2012

Words & Dreams - Girls Night 2012

Every year, going on 5 years now the girls gather at the beginning of the year and make our New Year's goals and resolutions (and drink a little champagne to celebrate).  About three years ago it took on the form of picking a word to represent the New Year.  The first year we stamped our words on necklaces.  Last year we went to color me mine and painted our words on mugs.  This year we were back to necklaces, with a twist.   Last night we spelled out our words in beads using Morse Code!

This year I hosted and it was our biggest turn out to date. It seems the word is spreading (no pun intended) and everyone wants to join in the fun! My word for the year is  INTENT  After a year of fun and spontaneity it's time to buckle down and start doing things with more  of a plan and more... intent.

The greatest thing about crafting at the party is that everyone added their own unique twist to the concept.  Here a few of the other word necklaces created.


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