August 06, 2012

The Proposal

            This Recent Paterfamilias has always hated that guy who proposes in public.  That guy who corners his girlfriend at the basketball game, on the jumbotron, on live TV, in front of forty thousand fans who came here to see something else but have now been treated to the thrill of coaxing this woman into lifelong matrimony as that guy, now her guy, forces her to make a decision one way or the other.  In the opinion of this humble R.P., this kind of guy is something of a predator who hopes, by pigeonholing his beloved in the public sphere, will almost certainly get the response he wants.  This Recent Paterfamilias has always hated that guy. 

            But now, unfortunately, this Recent Paterfamilias has now found himself in the unenviable position of having to become that guy. 

            But please, let me explain. 

            This R.P. has a friend.  And this friend has a baby.  And this baby and my baby are best friends.  And this is all great. 

            This friend (the one with the baby) lives in a two-bedroom apartment.  A big two-bedroom apartment.  A big, beautiful two-bedroom apartment.  (And frankly, this R.P. is suffering from some serious apartment envy, but we’ll ignore all that for now.)

            But this friend (the one with the baby and the apartment) needs help.  This friend (with the baby and the apartment) has no furniture in her apartment.  No, really, they don’t have any furniture.  No storage, no rugs, no chairs, no side tables, no end tables, no occasional tables, no accent tables, no baby tables—it is truly a lovely apartment, it’s just that there’s nothing in it.

            Now, not everybody can have an aptitude for interior design, so it’s fortunate when these poor lost souls have friends like the R.P.  (Although I must admit, after she’s read this, my friend [with the baby and the apartment] may no longer be my friend—but we’ll ignore all that for now).

And here’s where I get into the strange unwanted uncomfortable position in which I have found myself:  I am asking, in a public forum (perhaps the most public forum possible), for the advice, assistance, and hopefully cooperative hand of the lovely S.K. (of SKart) to help her loyal friend, the Recent Paterfamilias, design the interior of this apartment. 

Now, I have ideas for the space (it’s true, I really do), and people should see this apartment (they really should), it’s big and it’s nice and the before and after pictures on this very blog would make for a nice feature.  Plus, there’s a nursery for the kid (the one with the mother and the apartment), and as everybody knows, S.K. can really rock out a kid’s room. 

And to top it all off, we’d be on a very limited budget!  Which would surely prove to make it just that much more challenging for all those creative types involved. 

So, in front of the Internet public (which is, frankly, everyone):  Will you, S.K., do me the honor of co-designing this big beautiful apartment?  What do you say, S.K.?  Want to make beautiful music together?

(And remember, everyone is watching.)

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  1. Oh dear you are making me blush....

    Can I have a moment to think about this....

    Ah what the heck;

    I DO!!!

    I mean...

    yah, sure I will!!!