August 17, 2012

When Non-Disposable Water Bottles Become Disposable

I may have a liquid vessel collection problem.

I have a water bottle for every occasion.  Flip top, screw top, wide mouth, squirt, BPA free, non BPA free, plastic, aluminum, steel, glass, hand held, insulated, etc etc.  You name it I probably have it.

At last count I had over 32 "NON" disposable water bottles in my home.  15 of which we actually use on a regular basis.  They sit on our counter like this:

The rest take up valuable shelf space in the cupboard or sit unused in bins in the garage.  What to do with them? And why do we have so many?

I have my favorites ---

The Glass bottle collection - My "go-to's"  consist of two different sized silicon sleeved bottles and an old Beer Growler I've cleaned out and repurposed to hold the water I need for a full day of activities out on the beach.

 I have an assortment of tried and true #1Plastic squeeze bottles on hand for those quick paced activities -- I usually put my sports drinks in them for biking or swimming or hiking.

My new discovery this summer is the insulated bottles.  I love these ones from They keep your water cold for HOURS.  Which is great for car rides or beach days.  You can also put hot liquids in them but I haven't tried that yet.

Now the problem is that I keep acquiring new bottles -- they give them out now on sets so that the crew is more environmentally conscious. They give them away in race gift bags when you complete anything from a 5k to a triathalon,  they are covered in logos and given away as promos at events, schools, bars, stores, etc.  

I've started to SAY "NO" to free new bottles (unless they are really cool or something!) But what happens to all these extra water bottles? Where do they end up? Are the non disposal now being disposed of too? And what do I do with the extra 17 I already have? Can you donate them? Who wants used water bottles? 

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  1. Ya, and I got three Target disposable bags full of plastic bicycle water bottles from local bike rides we, as a family, ride in stashed in the pantry, then there's THAT cabinet by the sink. I also need to mention there is the fine array of advertising drinkware the local parades give out during parades. That wouldn't be so bad if they had water in them but they get tossed to us empty.
    Carry on with the great posts.