August 07, 2012

Summer Blahs

It's August already?!

How did that Happen?! 

I don't actually have the summer blahs.  I'm having a GREAT summer!  Lots of beach time mixed with some fun jobs, not to mention that last weekend I competed in my first Triathlon.  It's actually been an AWESOME summer so far.  Maybe too awesome,  since it seems I've been neglecting my BLOG.  For some reason the Bloggy juices just haven't been flowing lately.  Perhaps I'm too busy bike riding and playing volleyball?! Or perhaps I got a little burn out preparing for the the Unique SF show and had to take some time for myself.  Or maybe I just haven't been creatively inspirited lately.

To remedy that, I've started a new personal project.  Remember this post about my New Years Resolutions?  Well, the year is more than half way over and I am still working on them.  Resolution #1 was to eat a salad a day.  I've been doing pretty well at it.  I miss a day here and there but for the most part I make the effort and actually try to have a salad each and everyday.  However, last Friday as I ate my fruit salad in the morning with some friends,  I realized that I was not really accountable to this goal I set for myself.  

This weekend I came up with the idea to document my salads.  Ahhh if only I had thought of this Jan 1st.  But alas back then it was BIP for me (before i-phone).  So today I've started on a new creative journey.  I will attempt to document my salad a day for the world (or at least for my 20 instagram followers).  If you are intrigued by this please show your support by following my escapades on instagram by finding me under @theskartist.  

And if you have any good salad recipes please send them my way... according to my calculations I still  have 147 salads to eat in 2012.


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