March 14, 2011

Monkeying Around -- New Skårt

My newest design was inspired by The Ahoy Mate crib set by Nojo, ie the bedding in my friend's, soon to be mommy, nursery.  The Bedding is very nautical but I couldn't resist highlighting the monkey element.  I drew three monkeys doing acrobatics off rigging lines and flags which could imply  a ship or a circus tent and work in a variety of decors.  

Currently available for purchase at in Navy, Green, Red or Orange.  Or choose your own color to match your decor.  

This print is also available on paper in my Etsy shop
Photo by Jennifer Long


  1. lisa16:39

    so cute. I would love it in a teal color on the wood to match sons bedding. Is that possible?

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment. Yes, it would totally be possible. You can check out my color chart at

    When you find the color that matches (there is a teal on there) follow the link to purchase and instead of choosing one of the four color options given, choose the "custom" option and enter in the name of the color you would like.

    please email me or comment if you have further questions or need help deciding (as some colors appear different from monitor to monitor.