October 17, 2011

Affaire in the Gardens, Beverly Hills Art Show 2011

What a perfect weekend to walk down 5 blocks in Beverly Hills and get inspired by art.  The husband thinks I should apply for the next show.  It would be fun to do a local show.  And being in Southern California, this would be the right place for an outdoor show.  It's a little intimidating because there were a lot of impressive artists and booths.

These were three artists that captured my eye:

1. Adam Stone
Amazing Whimsical and colorful paintings.  Also available in prints.  Love Love Love the elephants! I might need this one for my living room!
"Serendipity" Giclee print on silk paper 16" x 20" $85

2. Andy Anh Ha
I loved all of his work.  A lot of it was modern florals finished in a high gloss resin.   But something about  these paintbrushes really caught my eye.  Maybe it gave me an idea of what I can do with all those brushes I am too lazy forget to wash out.

I've seen his prints on canvas before, but to see the originals was outstanding.  The details and thought that goes in to sculpting the license plates into a design is quite amazing.  
NYC Taxi Cab 46" x 28"


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