October 06, 2011

The Chair is Done! -- Was it worth it?

In case you don't remember here is a quick recap:

Over two months ago we began our chair search by going to every store in L.A.  and trying out every glider, rocker and anything in between to find the perfect chair for Sunshine's Nursery.  You can read about it here.

After narrowing down the search from all the chairs in L.A. to just three and then to really just one in the price range, I came across the most hideously comfortable chair.  You can see it here.

Three weeks ago I sent the most hideously comfortable chair in for a face lift which was supposed to be done in three days.   As of last week I had begun to lose faith in whether we would ever see it again.  But I got to share my super amazing drawings of what I was hoping it would end up looking like.  You can see those here.

And now.... I am happy to report the chair is DONE.  And it looks FANTASTIC.  Still has that vintage edge, still amazingly comfortable, but no longer hideous.

 Was it Worth it?  
Well, let's break it down and see.
  $20.00 - Cost of Chair found at thrift store
$234.00 - Fabric (I got 9 yards to have extra to do an Ottoman)
$440.50 - Cost to Reupholster
$125.00 - Cost of replacement part for the bottom of the chair

Total:  $819.50 

Price wise, it's not the best deal, slightly under budget, but we haven't found the ottoman yet. It took a lot more work than just ordering a ready made chair from a website.  Finding the chair in itself was luck then finding and deciding on a fabric was a bit of a chore.    However, now Sunshine has an amazing one of a kind furniture piece.  It's super comfortable, and by choosing our own fabric and really specifying the look it is the perfect compliment to Sunshine's Mid Century Modern nursery.  --- Now we just need to get to finishing the rest of the Nursery.


  1. looks fantastic and you will love to snuggle in it!

  2. Mom-in-law17:18

    To my very talented daughter-in-law...just 2 weeks ago, we sat in your living room and watched a DIY video on how to reupholster an ottoman and you did it! And, it looks amazing!