October 25, 2011

Skårt Spotting in a Lowe's Commercial

Have you seen the newest Lowe's commercial directed by Dave Meyers?  It is super fun and quirky with amazingly fun transitions from scene to scene. But you know what really makes it outstanding? They rented some Skårt pieces to use as background set dressing.  See if you can spot it:

Yes, if you blink you miss it and it's not even hung on the wall, plus it's actually UPSIDE DOWN!!!  But I found it and now you see it too -- right?    And although I wish I could have done the production design for the whole ad, I'm still honored that there is a hint of my design included in such a fun commercial. 


  1. Awesome placement! Did you know they were going to use it or did you spot it yourself?
    The ad was really fun, it's too bad that you didn't work on it.

  2. It's random, but I actually spotted it. There was something about this commercial that made me want to watch it a few times. I must have sensed the Skårt!

  3. WOW! Very cool! And amazing that you sensed the Skart!