October 03, 2011

Goofin' around at Disneyland

Had the best week last week shooting a short film starring Goofy.  The whole shoot took place in Disneyland which meant that we had full access to the parks before anyone else got there.

Kind of eerie seeing main street this empty!
We also got to see the behind the scenes area aka "Backstage" which was even more fascinating than the parks.  Characters walking around, Birds singing, Brooms sweeping frantically (or being controlled by a mouse in a wizard hat) you know the usual stuff you would expect behind the magic! 
They kind of frown upon people taking pictures of "the Magic", so I can't share with you visuals of ALL behind the scenes stuff --- at least not if I want to do more of these projects!.  

The best part about being backstage was never knowing who you would run in to.  I know they are not REAL, but it's still kinda neat seeing Cinderella on her lunch break or Woody just meandering about.  
And, no, we didn't really have time to go on the rides.  But that's okay, because my favorite ride was back at the Hotel -- The Water slide at the Disneyland Hotel!!! -- we made some time for that! 


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