October 12, 2011

The Proclamation

(sound of Medieval trumpets trumpeting)

“Hear ye! Hear ye!”

(trumpets cease)

“The Recent Paterfamilias is dead! Long live the Recent Paterfamilias!”

(general murmurings and exclamations of woe of the manner that are typically heard during such times when a great nation loses an irreplaceable light)

---Shh. The Recent Paterfamilias is not dead (not yet, anyway), but his charge (see: daughter) has been afflicted with a rather severe cold, which naturally has caused the R.P. to devote all of his time to helping his daughter mend, which thusly takes a toll on all of his artistic and literary and opinionated pursuits. But rest assured, ideas are in the works, cogs are turning (though they be rusty cogs), the Recent Paterfamilias will rise again, and the R.P. will do it with enthusiasm and a vengeance (or as much of a vengeance as might be mustered after going toe to toe with an infant’s cold virus that can be called nothing short of a son of a bitch). See you next week.


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