December 09, 2011

4 on Friday: Gifts that Give

T'is the season to buy a lot of things --- some are needed some are not.  In the spirit of of holiday gift giving today's Four on Friday are some suggestions for gifts that also do good.

What are you giving or hoping to get this year that reaches beyond yourself? Me.. I'm hoping someone gets me an elephant : )

1. Clean Drinking Water - $40 for a water bottle may sound expensive but each bottle purchase helps fund clean drinking water for 2 people.
2. A bear for you and a bear for me - For each bear purchased and second bear will be donated to a child in need
3. The gift of learning - share the world - this is a young readers version of Greg Mortinson's Three cups of tea.  A portion of each book is donated to help fund the building of schools in Pakistan.
4. Foster an elephant - A donation gives you info and pictures of an African elephant that you are helping to feed and keep.  AND you can keep up with their progress online all year long.


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