December 08, 2011

Inspiration: Black and White Circus Nursery

Inspired by the Missoni for Target Crib sets which just became available again.  Check em out before they are gone!!!

Cohen Glider by Olio Studio
Circus Act Pillow by Melanie Rhea
Paper Lanterns - DIY - paint black stripes on simple white lanterns
Monkeying Around Print on Paper $26 - Skårtshop on Etsy
Kosa Convertible Crib and Change Table set by Oggi - availabe at amazon for $629.00
Missoni crib sheets, skirt and bumper - available for limited time at Target
Custom Marquis letters by West Vintage Trading Co.
Cats on Unicycle print by Judy Kaufmann


  1. Love it. You're fast ;)

  2. Anonymous01:09

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