December 21, 2011

A Brief Season’s Greetings Anecdote:

Earlier today, while attempting to pacify (with a pacifier) my infant daughter into what she apparently did not realize was a much needed nap, I watched as she arched away from where I held her in our nursery’s rocking chair, raise her tiny little left hand over her tiny little left shoulder, and extend her tiny little left middle finger in the general direction of our apartment’s front door (a gesture which I had to assume was directed to the outside world, and not simply at the door itself).  My daughter then kept said finger extended, in order, I suppose, to convey some sort of message to the outside world and the rest of humanity residing there. 

“Yes,” I remember thinking at the time, “this is definitely my daughter.”

Happy Holidays from the Recent Paterfamilias.  

(In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that my daughter is currently teething and suffering from a rather heinous cold.) 


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