December 07, 2011

Animal Heads in the Nursery - Appropriate or Not?

            The Recent Paterfamilias has found himself wondering as of late if dead animal heads are appropriate in a child’s nursery. 

            Frankly, the Recent Paterfamilias is wondering if dead animal heads are appropriate anywhere. 

            Frankly, he’s predisposed to say that they are. 

This, he realizes, will be offensive to many of his readers.  (Just between you and me: the R.P. is little concerned with whom he offends and whom he doesn’t.) 

            So, here we are:  Dead Animal Heads:  Why we like them

            The R.P. has a soft spot for the trophy head of an eight-point white-tailed buck hanging on a wall.  Now, whether said Recent Paterfamilias has the (how shall we say it?) cojones, or simply bad taste, to execute said eight-point white-tailed buck is another thing altogether, but the idea of dead animals, for whatever sick reason, hanging or lying about his household is something the R.P. likes.  (Not that the wife of the R.P. would ever permit this to happen.  Hand-woven faux cowhide, cow-shaped area rugs are too close to the real thing to make it into his…uh…no…wait…her apartment.) 

            At any rate, the Recent Paterfamilias is curious if hanging a trophy head (real, plush, cardboard, papier mache, or otherwise) in the room of his infant daughter, as an accent piece, is in bad taste.  All trophy heads mentioned above, actual and recreated alike, are available at reasonable prices on the internet (the real, for whatever reason, typically tend to run much cheaper than the…uh…unreal), so it really just comes down to whether or not it is in good taste.  And, of course, there’s always the principle of the thing to consider.  Is it in bad taste to hang a dead deer’s head in a nursery?  Is it in bad taste to hang a cardboard rendering of a dead deer’s head in nursery?  And what’s the difference?  At some point, little Johnny or little Julie is going to ask, “What is that?”  Is it in bad taste to hang any such trophy head, real or otherwise, in a child’s nursery in an effort to be ironic?  And is this effort to be ironic actually ironic, or is it simply in poor taste?  Is a papier mache deer’s head in a child’s nursery avant garde, or is it just tacky?  And, per the interior design of one’s daughter’s future modern dollhouse, is a three-dimensional rhino’s trophy head, in 1:18 scale, with a 1:18 scale zebra hide rug, in the dollhouse’s study, simply a design aspect, or is it an invitation for impressionable young American girls to  go run out on safari, rifles in-hand, so they might come back with miniature trophies of their own, two-inch elephant tusks and lion hides which fit in a shoe box and stuffed cheetahs that stand almost to your ankle and other trophies of animals that can be tracked down if only you put your mind to it. 
Deer head by Banana Tree Studios


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