December 29, 2011

An Outfit for New Years Eve

The hat was a Hanukkah present and the scarf a Christmas present.  The skirt is borrowed and packed in my suitcase because where ever I end up -- be it hot or cold, an inside venue or an outside party you can't go wrong with a silver sequin skirt!

I have my New Years Eve outfit all ready to go.  I just have no idea what my plans are or where I'm going to be.  Less than a week ago I booked a commercial IN POLAND.  That means my 4 Original cities have changed slightly and all my flights, trains and travel plans which originally had me going to Quebec for New Years have now been rerouted to put me in Eastern Europe.  Luckily both regions seem to be compatible weather wise so everything I have in my suitcase will work nicely.  What a way to end my year of Sparkletonaneity!

1 comment:

  1. Wow - Poland!

    The outfit is cute but won't you be cold going topless? ;)

    have a happy New Year! xo