March 06, 2012

A Goofy Map of Disneyland

This is what I was drawing princesses for.  Can you spot them? 

We were back at Disneyland last week shooting more scenes for the Goofy Project.  

Goofy needed to do some planning of what he wanted to see at Disneyland which is why we created this amazing map (shout out to Jim Roof for helping me illustrate the majority of the Goofy Landmarks on the map).  I can't wait for them to finish editing the final film so I can share it with you along with some more very fun behind the sets photos! Until then, here is one fun shot of Goofy planning his vacation.

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  1. parker14:38

    Love the blog and love Goofy planning his vacation - I could use a map like that!
    You're a winner!