March 07, 2012

In Memoriam

            As S.K. of Skårt Shop, I was very grieved to learn of the demise of a dear friend and regular contributing force to this site.  He was always trustworthy (to a point).  He was always loyal (to a somewhat lesser point).  He was always punctual (OK…we’re just pressing the envelope beyond good sense there).  But, as the deceased are no longer with us, and it must be assumed that, from The Beyond, they are wishing us to press on in their stead, so, on that note, it should be noted that, all of us here at Skårt Shop would like to give a lively send off into the dark unknown on behalf of:

The Recent Paterfamilias’
Apple Laptop Computer

May he find further joys and satisfactions in the Land of the Newly Dead. 

Rest in peace, dear friend.  And go with whatever God it is that hard drives place faith in.

(The R.P., industrious fellow that he is, newly equipped with a fresh computing machine, will be back next week with more wit and snarkiness.  He trusts his loyal readers are on the edges of their seats.) 


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