March 27, 2012

Trending: Photos of Your Feet

Have you noticed this? People taking and sharing pictures of their feet.   Pictures on Facebook, pictures on Instagram, even pictures over here at Oh My Handmade! all of people's FEET?!!! - But not just ordinary pictures of ordinary feet, what makes these pics so fun is that the feet tell a story.

Like these feet - excited to be in New York:
Photo by Angela Kohler - source
Or these feet - NOT ready to dive in!
Photo by brando_kalpisian on Instagram 
source: Design Love Fest                                       source: Landis Smithers on Facebook
And of course who can resist Baby Feet!

Some Tips for Taking Your own Feet Pictures
1. Think about the story you are trying to tell - i.e.: Where are your feet, what are they doing?
2. Have interesting flooring - if you notice all these pictures have great patterns on the floor
3. Cute shoes seem to really help
4. High contrast - fun colors 
5. Don't hold the camera too high.  You want feet, not belly! - according the "experts" -- waist height or lower is about right.  

It's a fun way to capture a moment.  Give it a shot.  Let me know how it goes! 


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