March 05, 2012

It was a honor just to be nominated

If you didn't know, we were nominated for an Apartment Therapy "Homie" Award Last week.  We placed well  but *big sigh* we did not make it to the finals.  Thanks to all of you that voted.  It was a valiant effort.

You can see where we placed here - and you can now vote for one of the six finalists, as well as leave me a comment telling me how great my blog is and how I should have totally been a finalist (just kidding --- sort of!)

It's okay.  For consolation, the husband took me out to a really nice dinner last night to, Son of a Gun, a new restaurant we had been wanting to try for some time.
Nothing says "you will do better next time" like a glass of champagne and
"smoked steelhead roe, maple cream, pumpernickel"  - DELICIOUS even though  still have no idea what I actually ate!

I've also founds some great new blogs to read just by browsing some of the other nominees.  As soon as I've had sometime to sort through  all I will post MY Favorites here, that way we are all WINNERS!


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