March 08, 2012

Real Rooms #2: Pittsburgh Princess Room

In direct opposition of last weeks room, I had to share this room.  It shows, if you have the luxury,  what a difference a basement playroom can make.  Ie: Only a few toys are kept in the room.  This room is a great example of minimalist decor (not every wall and space needs to be covered)  and how just a few key elements can really bring a room together.

This room belongs to Sammy a 3 year old who splits her time between her mom's and this room at Dad's house, in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh.   The simplicity of this room is what makes it so great (plus the addition of  few DIY touches by Grandma)
Everybody seemed to agree that their favorite element in the room was the Hand painted letters.  It was the first thing in the room and what the colors and decor was based around.  (Grandma got the wood letters at Michael's) She also painted the bed to match!

My favorite thing about the room is it's monochromatic nature.  There is something very soothing in it.  I love the use of all the purple and lilac accessories against the pale lilac colored walls.

In true 3 year old girl style, Sammy's Favorite thing in the room is her new Disney Princess Castle!


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