March 09, 2012

Help us choose a Rocking Horse

Back on the subject of Sunshine's Nursery - which will now be further known as Gus' Nursery.  (Since that is the baby boy who is currently inhabiting said room).  Gus' nursery is soooo close to completion.  A few accessories and we will be sharing the final reveal.  Today we are in search of the perfect rocking horse.  We can't decide which one.  We thought it would be the perfect Blog vote.  So please, weigh in with your choice by voting for which you think would look best.

1. Modern - From Alex and Alexa
2. Traditional - By Weaver Wood on Etsy
3. Plush - by Melissa and Doug 
4. Vintage - This one is on ebay
6. Simple and small - By Andrews Rocking Horse on Etsy

Which Rocking Horse Would You Choose?

For reference and reminder - Here is the latest board for the room - showing the majority of elements we have already collected.  It has turned into a "Mid Century Modern Cowboy Nursery"


  1. Anonymous09:15

    I like the last one in the way it can hold a small child, but the design is not great...

    The vintage one is the most awesome looking, but as a mother of a 2 year old, I look at the coils on it and I'm worried about little fingers!

    The one with hair is going to give that child nightmares at some point in his life...

    that leaves the modern one. Clean, nice, safe.

  2. Anonymous10:57

    Since you added a couple, I changed by vote.. the Melissa and Doug seems the most practical: comfy and fun, so I chose it. But for design I still like the first one best!

    (this is Jen, BTW)

  3. Anonymous12:38

    Of course my first choice was the vintage one, but it's more for looks and a bit more girly. So for Gus Gus, I would say #3 would be best. In fact, I think its the same one my mom has at her house. Great designs, Gus's room is too cute! love the lil cowboy pics!

  4. It's really a toss up between the vintage which is darling and original and the practical. Gussy would look so good on both horsies. Can't wait to squeeze him in a few more days!

  5. Anonymous14:37

    The modern one was my favorite, but unfortunately function trumps form when it comes to kids toys. So, my vote goes to the plush #3. Love, love, love the nursery!!


  6. I like either #1 or #2. I know #2 is kinda creepy with the hair and face and all, but it reminds me of one that I had when I was little.

  7. Anonymous16:58

    Avery and I have chosen #5! Sooo cute!

  8. Anonymous21:22

    Really like the design of the modern horse but then saw the "plush" horse and that is just too cute, #4 gets my vote. Parker

  9. Love the nursery!! I vote #1