March 01, 2012

Real Rooms #1: Eclectic Mix, Downtown Toronto

Raise your hands if you are sick of looking at perfectly decorated Nurseries.

You know the ones I'm talking about -- the ones where Mom has spent her entire pregnancy crafting the perfect pom-pom mobile, arranging the books on the shelves in rainbow color order and making sure that everything coordinates right down to the blue, organic, eco friendly teddy rabbit.

Are those for REAL?

Not in my world.  And not in the world of the people I know.  That's why I'm taking it upon myself to show you some REAL rooms.  But just because the parents didn't match the bumper to the curtains all made from fabric purchased on ETSY, doesn't mean that these rooms don't have charm.  Each room has their own amazing, inspirational attributes.

So if you are sick of looking at those perfect rooms on design blogs, then follow me as I present my newest series: REAL ROOMS.
A 2 bedroom, one story house, in a prime neighborhood, Downtown Toronto, there is not a lot of extra space.  Aiden's room is large for a bedroom, but as you can see it also acts as a playroom, reading room and music room.

What I love about this room is the organized and eclectic chaos.  There are toys everywhere, but take a closer look, they all have their place. Take and even closer look and you will see that the toys span the decades.  Daddy's R2D2 from when he was a child shares a space on the vintage daybed with Buzz Lightyear and Elmo.

I asked mom and dad a few questions:
"Well, we live in a two bedroom house. So this room was kind of the default room since the other room is our bedroom"
First step was clearing out the room, before Aiden moved in, the room became primarily a place to store everything we didn't have space for.  We painted the room a bright Tiffany Blue and added modern elements like the silver blinds and a silver ceiling fan.  We had the floor carpeted.  All the furniture except for his bed were items that we had.  The shelves were in Dad's room growing up.  The Day bed was in the room before and the dresser was Mom's from when she was young.  

My single favorite item in the whole room is an old needlepoint work of Art that was given to Mom by a neighbor who had it in their sons room when he was growing up (The son is now in his 30's)  I love it because it has that total 70's vintage vibe.  Plus it's kind of an amazing work of crafty art.  

"The flooring wasn't the colour I wanted. A dark hardwood floor was my original plan with an area rug. The carpet is a second choice on limited funds,but  turns out a better choice to sit &  play on-as its soft and warm . "


  1. love this real room feature!

    1. Thanks! It's been on my mind to do for a while now.

  2. Me too! I also love Aiden. Especially the guitar playing dinosaur!

  3. Cara11:33

    Man I have a sift spot in my heart for R2D2!
    I heart Aiden's room too. And this new feature. Can't wait to see what's next.