April 24, 2012

100 Sales

I've hit 100 sales on Etsy.  Woohoo!!! Do I open the Champagne now or wait until I hit 1000?

If I do the math: I've been open for nearly 3 years aka 34 months that's less than 3 sales per month. Oh Dear, all of a sudden 100 sales doesn't really sound that impressive.  Then if I look to the future and see how long it took to get to 100 sales, will my bottle of champagne still be good in 30 years?

So although 100 sales is an exciting milestone it has made me realize that I need to start doing a few things differently to speed up the process of making my next 100 Etsy sales.  Now I just need to figure out what and how?!


  1. Open the Champagne! I have a bottle of Bling with your name on it. Congrats!

    1. That's fun on your bottle of Bling I saw a big "Bling" on it ... have to look closer for my name ; )

  2. Thats awesome! popping champagne! Cheers!!