April 12, 2012

Behind the Sets: Goofy goes on Vacation

If you've been following this blog - I'm sure you have been waiting with much anticipation to see the final Goofy project and the results of all those trips to Disneyland.  Well, wait no more.
So now you are asking (or at least my mom was asking me) - "What did YOU do on this?" 

This project was less about set design and more about the Props.  A few other things that we were responsible for: 

Getting the alarm clock and animating it.  As well as resetting the dozens of pillows we brought and placed on the bed for when Goofy gets woken up. 

Did you notice the giant cucumbers on his eyes when he was getting a massage.  Well of course those had to be made.  Can you tell that they are just flat paper print outs of photos of cucumbers? 
Then there was the "Shopping Scene".  All those boxes he is carrying had to be secured in a way that he could balance then and also still see where he was going. Believe it or not that took us a few hours to work out. 


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