April 25, 2012

Photographic Follow-ups

In recent weeks, the proprietress of this blog, a certain Madame S.K. of Skårtshop, has strongly suggested that the R.P. (the so-called Recent Paterfamilias) forward certain photographic evidence in relation to the columns he has penned in recent weeks. 
            So, this Recent Paterfamilias (or the so-called R.P.) has decided to delve into a genre with which he is unfamiliar:  Photojournalism. 
            And, thusly, we have this:
            The Federalist Mirror.
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            This is the Federalist Mirror in its current configuration (although the R.P. will admittedly attest that he has been known to move household items without preamble, without explanation, and without apology, per his own interior design and Feng Shui whims).  The chair in the foreground is upholstered in fabric by the Finnish design firm Marimekko.  The “stone” throw pillow thereon is from Marimekko, as well. 
            The Ghost Chairs.
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            One can easily see why they are called “ghost chairs.”  They’re transparent.  They’re like a ghost.  Where did they go? 
            The placemats upon the table are from the Finnish design firm Marimekko. 
            The Eames Rocker.
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            This is the reasonably-sized rocking chair that replaced our aforementioned unreasonably-sized rocking chair.  The individual occupying said reasonably-sized chair is Bob “The Gorilla.”  The pink pillow in the chair is from the Finnish design firm Marimekko. 
            The Cubino Chair.
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            Here Bob “The Gorilla” is again.  No one is quite certain how Bob moves from chair to chair, but it should be noted that the baby bottle holding tray (by Finnish design firm Marimekko), which historically resides behind “the Cubino Chair,” is nowhere to be found. 
Some people on this end (although this Recent Paterfamilias is loath to point fingers) are beginning to believe that Bob “The Gorilla” is not a big fan of certain Finnish design firms. 
            And thus ends this Recent Paterfamilias’ foray into photojournalism.  

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  1. Anonymous09:13

    I love the mirror! Not sold on the Ghost chairs though.