April 23, 2012

Weekend Antics and Hi jinx

My back aches and my calves hurt this morning.

Could be from the "race" I ran yesterday morning.  A little 5k in Irvine California called "The Color Run".  At every kilometer  along the race you are pelted with a different color  powder paint so at the end you look like you dropped into a vat of tie dye.

Also could be from a short film I was helping some friends make about an evil chair that eats people. 

Puppeteering an evil chair is HARD work! 

A fun thing I got to do for this film was transform the Evil chair into a sickeningly cutesy DIY upholstered chair.  I used a 96" curtain panel, a sewing machine and a lot of duct tape (ahhh the beauty of film making - you never have to see the back, and it doesn't need to last more than 1 day!) 

The Decor is not MY taste -- but it worked for the characters and that's the fun part of being a set designer, getting to decorate in all sorts of different styles.  Do you like the look of this Matchy match living room? All the curtains and cushions are "borrowed" from Bed Bath and Beyond.


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